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Children of JOSEPH KAYLER and NANCY Crago:

JOHN KAYLER, b. Abt. 1833, Burke Co, North Carolina; d. 27 Mar 1865, Elmira Prison, New York.

GEORGE KAYLER, b. 1836, Burke Co, North Carolina.

ELIZA KAYLOR, b. Abt. 1841, Burke Co, North Carolina

MARY KAYLER, b. 19 May 1842, Burke Co, North Carolina1; d. 19 Dec 1927, McDowell Co, North Carolina

HARRIET KAYLOR, b. Abt. 1844, Burke Co, North Carolina

ELIZABETH 'LIZZIE' KAYLER, b. 05 Oct 1849, Burke Co, North Carolina1; d. 28 Apr 1934, McDowell Co, North Carolina

HENRY KAYLER, b. Abt. 1853, North Carolina

JOSEPH KAYLER JR, b. Abt. 1856, North Carolina

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HARRIET C. KAYLER, b. Abt. 1828, Lincoln Co, North Carolina

MARCUS MONROE KAYLER, b. 1829, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 15 Jun 1862, Richmond, Virginia

CATHERINE KAYLER, b. Abt. 1830, Lincoln Co, North Carolina

SUSAN KAYLER, b. Abt. 1832, Lincoln Co, North Carolina

ROSANNA KAYLER, b. 10 Sep 1835, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 31 Dec 1922, Caldwell Co, North Carolina

ELIZA KAYLER, b. 1839, Lincoln Co, North Carolina.

ANNA EMMA 'AMY' KAYLER, b. 22 Jul 1840, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 01 Oct 1927, Caldwell Co, North Carolina

GEORGE W. KAYLER, b. Abt. 1843, Catawba Co, North Carolina; d. 29 Jul 1864, Richmond, Virginia

WILLIAM P. KAYLER, b. Abt. 1845, Caldwell Co, North Carolina1; d. 07 Feb 1863

LAVINA P KAYLER, b. Abt. 1846, Catawba Co, North Carolina

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Elizabeth Urich's Will

Elizabeth Urich apparently was a good friend of the Kaylor family. Her will included Katy Kaylor and was witnessed by John and George Kaylor, listed as J George Kaylor. It was the last known record that mentions George Kaylor.

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George Kaylor Jr. listed as George Kyler on 1850 Census, Iredell County, N.C.

The information below was found on the 1850 Census:

The Geo Miller listed above was the illegitimate son of Catharina Kaylor and Peter Miller. Catharina Kaylor was the aunt of George Kaylor Jr.

additional children of George and Catharine Kayler include:

NOAH HENRY KAYLER, b. 25 Jan 1819, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 09 Jan 1899, Caldwell Co, North Carolina.

FREDERICK R. KAYLER, b. 19 Nov 1821, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 07 Nov 1896, Burke Co, North Carolina.

BENJAMIN F. KAYLER b. 17 Dec 1826, Lincoln Co, North Carolina1; d. 01 Jul 1841, Iredell Co, North Carolina

PHILO KAYLER, b. Abt. 1831, North Carolina

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Children of Henry Kayler and Elizabeth Herman

1. RHODA BELINDA KAYLER, b. 01 Mar 1821, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 14 Aug 1890, Catawba Co, North Carolina.

2. HENRY FRANK KAYLER, b. 21 Jul 1823, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 12 Feb 1908, Clackamas Co, Oregon

3. ANNY CAROLINE KAYLER, b. 27 Aug 1825, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 15 Sep 1898, Catawba Co, North Carolina.

4. SALLY HELLANA KAYLER, b. 18 Jan 1828, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 14 Jan 1897, Catawba Co, North Carolina.

5. LEVI ALEXANDER KAYLER, b. 28 Dec 1831, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 24 May 1902, Lincoln Co, North Carolina.

6. MARY AMELINE KAYLER, b. 10 Jul 1833, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 04 Feb 1912, Catawba Co, North Carolina.

7. HARRIET GEMIMA KAYLER, b. 28 Feb 1836, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 24 Nov 1910, Catawba Co, North Carolina.

8. GEORGE EMMANUEL KAYLER, b. 08 Sep 1838, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 18 Jul 1863, Jordan Springs, Hospital, Winchester, Va..

9. ELIZABETH CATHERINE KAYLER, b. 19 Jan 1841, Lincoln Co, North Carolina; d. 31 Jan 1917, Catawba Co, North Carolina.

10. DAVID ELCANA KAYLER, b. 25 May 1848, Catawba Co, North Carolina; d. 14 Mar 1917, Catawba Co, North Carolina.

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George Kaylor writes to his mother

George Emmanuel Kaylor's father, Henry Kaylor, died in 1862. He died intestate and the property was sold to divide the estate. It is clear from the letter below that George was very unhappy with the outcome.

Hanover Station, Va .. May the 25 1862 .. Dear Mother .. I again take my pen in Hand to Drop you A few lines to let you know that I am well .. Hoping that when these few Lines comes to Hand will find you all well .. I received your Letter A few Days ago and was glad to Hear that you was all well .. you stated in your Letter that they had Sold my mair at the sale and I want to know why they did Sell Her and with what authority they Had to Sell Her ..I am not sattisfied that they Sold Her .. I want you to Let me know why they Sold my mair .. if I git Back.. I give Some of them Hell and I want you to let me know whether they Sold my Hogs and Bees or not .. they might as well Sell my Hogs and Bees as to Sell my mair .. you stated in Your Letter that they Had give you nothing But a cow and a calf and too Sheep .. I want to know who the men was that Laid off your Dowery .. they never give you Half enough and if I can ever git Home I intend to see to it my self .. I will now tell you that I Have traveled through virginia all over and we are now in 10 miles from Richmond and are going closer to Richmond to Day .. they Had Been fighting Below Richmond yesterday and our men whiped them and run them back and they are Looking for a fight any day at Richmond now .. But I cant Say whether it will Be or not .. I Have not time to rite much now for we must fix to move again .. we move evry Day .. and we must go to day again .. write to me as Soon as this comes to Hand and Let me Know how you are Giting along .. So no more at this time .. only Remains your son until Death .. George E. Kayler to Elizabeth Kayler .. Direct your Letter to Richmond va in care of capt T J Linebarger .. 28 Regt NC troops Co C . Afew lines to David .. I want you to take care of my Hogs and Bees .. if they Haint Sold them .. and you must git Some ????? to cart the Bees .. So you git Honey to eat and if they Swarm Hive them and take care of them.

Camp Gregg Naer Fredricksburg va Febuary the 4 1863 .. Dear Mother .. I This morning take my seat With pleasure to Drop you a few Lines to Let you Know That I am well at this time Hoping when my few Lines comes to Hand will find you all in good Health .. I have nothing of Importance to write .. I can say to you that David Sipe and Marcus Miller have got to the Regiment and are Both stout .. I will now tell you that the Regiment is in good health at this time and they Apear to Be anxious to meet the yankees at any time .. Dear Mother I am glad to hear that you Have corn Enough to Do you and if you need anthing take Some of my money and Buy it no matter what it costs and I will try to git along the Best I can .... I can say to you that it is a Hard way to git along But I will try and git along the Best way I can .. I Cant say when I will come Home But you may Be sure that I will come the firs chance I git .. and I think that I will git to come home this spring if I can .. and if I cant come this Spring I will come the first chance I git .. I got the socks you sent to me by David Sipe and I was glad to git them for I Did need them ... I had Bought one pair and paid one Dollar and a half for them .. So I think I can make out now with what I have got .. and I Also got the sweet cake you Sent and I was glad to git it ... as I have no news of anything I will Come to A Close By asking you to write to me as soon as this comes to Hand and give me all the news you have .. so nothing more at present .. only Remains your Son untill Death .. G E Kayler to Elizabeth Kayler .. I will write to Catherine in A few Days and to David .. G E Kayler .. I will send this in David Sipes Letter and you can git it there

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Kaylor Signatures

At various times George Kaylor signed his name as J Geo Kaylor, J George Kaylor or simply George Kaylor

Heinrich Kaylor's German signature


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